Peggy Hills

Artistic Director of The Chamber Music Society of Mississauga has a Bachelor of Music Degree in Violin Performance from The University of Western Ontario, has been a freelance chamber, orchestral musician and violin teacher for 45 years, and has a passion for sharing the joy of the musical experience to young people.

Peggy Hills, (Bachelor of Music in Performances from Western and student of Ivan Galamian @Juilliard) an accomplished violinist is first and foremost a remarkable and passionate educator. The most telling success stories are the ones where she has taken students with limited talent to playing levels that are beyond the ‘norm’. There are many examples of her accomplishments with ‘talented’ musicians. An obvious one is Adrian Anantawan. How Peggy was able to see the possibility of a one-handed player actually playing the violin is amazing. Through her inspirational leadership, he has now finalized a Masters at Yale and a Doctorate from Harvard after his undergraduate studies at Curtis. He is already being booked with major orchestras as a soloist and is playing an important role model for the disabled. The fact that she plays a continuing role with her students even after they leave for career or further study is evidence of Peggy’s excellence in teaching, commitment and in matters of personal understanding.

Peggy, a violinist for over 55 years, has an outstanding standard of performance for herself as well as her students and those who work with her. With her students and her own playing as inspiration she has created an organization that is a leader in the field of innovative programming for young audiences. Through sheer determination she has become successful at getting grants and has created fascinating programs that go well beyond the norm, becoming a model for similar organizations. Her imaginative children’s programs and CDs speak volumes about this violinist’s abilities as an arts manager, producer and artistic director.

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